God-like Worship

Call me naive for only just realizing this, but this is the reason we have kids isn’t it?

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced god-like worship before – someone so in awe of me that they want to spend all their time in my presence, imitate my every move, repeat everything I say, and who looks to me for guidance in everything that they do. It’s very flattering.

But I think this is why, at the age of 22 months, Rudy is already obsessed with comic books. Just like his Dad.

Okay, it’s not an unusual thing for kids to be into. But it is quite unusual this young. He’s not so much into the comics themselves, just his favourite characters. He likes comics because he can flip through and usually manage to find someone he recognizes, and then gets very excited when he does.

Above are Rudy’s favourite heroes so far, from left to right: Babbam, Flah, Spy and WoeWoe. Obviously his pronunciation is not all there yet (just try teaching a one-year-old to say “Martian Manhunter“), but the enthusiasm certainly is. There are tantrums if he is denied his four colour fix. Again, much like his father.

It really started when Deb bought him a Batman mobile for his room, just as he was starting to talk (one of his first words was “Babbam”) but the obsession took hold when I gave him my copy of Mad Love, which we have read literally hundreds of times together since. He tore it in half at one point, but regretted it (“broke!”) and now is actually quite respectful so I can let him flip through just about anything he wants to get his hands on.

Also, rather sweetly, he has taken to calling his mom “WoeWoe”, i.e. Wonder Woman. Because she is. And there is clearly a resemblance I’m sure you’ll agree:

And who does he point to and identify as his Da? How does his infant brain see his old man?

What was it I said about Godlike worship “?

posted April 25th, 2007

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