Frosti: Deterministic Generative Art

I usually delight in creating unpredictability and disorder in code, setting off processes that are never the same twice, making them as surprising to me as they may be any other observer. But with this one I opted to try creating something perfectly deterministic instead, which I did by ensuring that anything that changes over time has it’s variation calculated relative to the frame number.

This means, unless I change the variables before I kick it off, the animation will be the same every time I generate it. It might be argued that this means it isn’t quite as “generative” as an unpredictable algorithm (as far as you can say any logical process is unpredictable). But it makes my life easier by enabling me to use tricks like edit points, and looping.

Frosti, above, has no edits, but loops at the 1m15s point.

posted February 26th, 2010

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