Jim Henson’s Experimental Period

Jim Henson is best known as creator of The Muppets. But he was also a bit of a hippy, and on the road to mainstream success he had quite a reputation for surrealistic / avante garde film. Below are three fine examples of his lesser known experimental work.

The first, Time Piece, was nominated for an Oscar in 1967, and is one craaazy groove, daddio. The other two are short collaborations with legendary electronica pioneer Raymond Scott.

Time Piece (1969) 8 mins

Ripples (1967) 1 min

Limbo – The Organised Mind (live on The Johnny Carson Show 1974) 4 mins

If you don’t have much else on this afternoon, Henson also did an hour long TV film called The Cube, for a 1969 series called Experiments In Televison. It is pretty unique, and can be seen here.

TV was so much trippier back then.

-- 11th September 2007 --

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