Survival of the Prettiest

brad and angelina

The scientists keep asking: “is evolution over?” Such a stupid question.

If our society has stopped evolving toward perfecting our survival, instead it selects toward an aesthetic ideal. Material wealth is the measuring stick, and success in this realm is mostly governed by privilege, personality, looks and, occasionally, fashionable skills. It is survival of the prettiest, the boldest and the most charming.

The only problem with these ideals is that they are artificial, they are only relevant within a human perspective of the world, a perspective somewhat warped by our vastly overdeveloped brains. These measures mean nothing to our environment and the elements that shape it.

Deciding if evolution is over is akin to fearing the “end of the world”. The end of the world is not the issue, only the end of human life upon it. We needn’t question if evolution has finished, only if it has finished with us. Our only fear should be that, as a species, we may already be beautiful and dead.

posted March 7th, 2010

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