This is my second son, Oscar Jack Pearson, who was born on Sunday.

Ozzy was our first natural birth, although calling a process as distressing and traumatic as that “natural” is surely a misnomer; women of the world, I hear your roars. On Sunday I learned more about gynaecology that I have ever felt the need the know, and will probably spend the rest of my life struggling to unlearn it all.

But I also learned, or perhaps belatedly realised, that my wife is one of the most amazing creatures to have ever walked this feeble planet. The effort she put in to producing that little 8lb ball of flesh was truly olympian and I know I’m one of the luckiest bastards alive to have her. You’ll have to excuse my gushing but I’m over-flowing with love for Deb, my two sons and, well, just about everyone and everything at the mo.

posted February 24th, 2009

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