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Generative Art Is Not … An Artistic Style

While GenArt is almost always abstract in nature, it cannot be defined by the style of the work. The common factor of generative artworks is the methodology of its production, not the style of the end result.

There are many varieties of production methods, but to be able to call a methodology “generative” our first hard and fast rule needs to be that there has to be autonomy involved. The artist creates ground rules and formulae, usually including random or semi-random elements, then kicks off an autonomous process to create the artwork. The system cannot be entirely under the control of the artist or the only generative element will be the artist herself. Our second hard and fast rule therefore is there has to be a degree of unpredictability. It must be possible for the artist to be as surprised by the outcome as anyone else.

Creating a generative artwork will always be a collaboration, even if the artist works alone. Part-authorship of any generative work must belong in part to the tools the artist uses; the system that has generated it. Fortunately anonymous autonomous systems are not usually too bothered if their unscrupulous artistic partners decide to steal all the credit.

There are many types of autonomous systems we might choose to collaborate with. My focus has only ever been generating visual artwork using a programming language, but GenArt may also be the product of mechanical systems, games of chance, natural phenomenon or subconscious human behaviour too.

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"Art is never finished, only abandoned."
- Leonardo da Vinci


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